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The Fungus Among Us by Xain-Russell

Cordyceps. Because Mother Nature likes to be a creepy bitch sometimes.

I recently bought and played “The Last of us Remastered” and it got my creative gears turning. Changelings are depicted as insect like, so it sort of made sense that Cordyceps would be capable of infecting them. I might right a fanfiction about this idea in the future. Possibly.

I’d hate to be that guy!

cynical-werewolf asked:

Do you think maybe if there was an episode dedicated to developing Flash's character the fandom would hate him less?




Because Flash stole bronies’ waifu, and that is an unforgivable crime that people are still butthurt about to this day.

There’s also the fact that Tumblr would hatebomb that sort of episode faster than you can say “OTP.”

That being said, I personally wouldn’t mind one with him.

seminoles8 asked:

Wait, does that mean you don’t like things such as South Park and Team America World Police, since they have dirty/raunchy shock humor? Though even if you don’t like them, I still do respect your opinion.


South Park is hit or miss, but mostly miss. When the sexual/toilet humor comes in is where I draw the line. I have people who tell me episodes I would like, so I watch those.

I HATED Team America World Police. That movie was just awful.

Right in the fandom!



Anonymous asked:

Does Josh have da booty?





Can’t tell. We never see below his waist.

He purposely made it impossible to see below his waist for the sole purpose of not allowing Ink Rose to check if Josh has “da booty”.



Why are you TRYING to look… oh heavens, what is WRONG with you women?!?!

Please; Allow me.

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